What is so great about America? When I ask that question, the first thing that springs to mind might be the mountains of Colorado or the towering skyscrapers in the biggest metropolises. And its true that even in the minds of Europeans or other cultures around the world, America’s cities are the envy of the world.

As citizens of this great land,they have a right to let their chests bulge out a bit about the cities that have grown up inside of the expansive geography that is their home land. It would be easy to plan a dozen vacations to take in all of the wonders of these amazing communities from the east to the west coast of this country. But you would still have more to discover when you were done.

The diversity not only of architecture but of the culture of many of these cities, is one thing that makes them so unique and calls to all to make it a life’s goal to taste and enjoy all that the country has to offer. From the crowded cobblestone streets of a New England village, to the almost Caribbean feel of a Florida beach community, to the rich southern culture of cities from South Carolina to Arizona, to the metropolitan feel of the international cities of San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago and New York, there is something for everyone in America’s cities and towns.

When a visiting head of state really wants to “sample America”, they always want to tour some of the outstanding cities of the nation. It isn’t enough just to sip coffee on the Hudson or shop on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. To truly appreciate the diversity of America, one has to enjoy the big and the small, the urban bustle and the cozy friendliness of a Midwestern berg.

What makes the cities so great? Each state has a unique flair, a style of living, an outlook on life that is reflected in its citizenry which in turn becomes part of the substance of the towns and cities of the American people.

Of course, when you say “American city”, the mighty New York City comes to mind for a place of heart stopping urban excitement and virtually endless things to explore. But without a pause, you immediately think of the wonderful sights, sounds, and experiences to have in the unique cultures of such towns as Miami, Dallas, Albuquerque, Kansas City and Phoenix to name a few.

What makes America’s cities so great? Sure it’s the food, the night life, the outstanding parks, malls, skyscrapers and airports and the quaint neighborhoods that reflect the ethic diversity and cultures that have made this great experiment called “The Melting Pot of America” such a success. But of all the elements that contribute to making America’s cities the finest in the world for guests to enjoy, the one that stands out the most is the people.

America’s towns, villages and big cities reflect the heart and spirit of a people full of ambition and creativity. It is the American spirit that drives Americans to get out there and make something happen that is new, exiting and that has never been done before. That is what makes the cities so exciting and fun to take in. The towns reflect who they are. And who they are as a people is what they can point to with pride any time they want to meditate about their environment.


  1. If you have one time or the other travelled beyond the shores of your home country,you would be in a position to make a little comparison in the size of cities, the culture, the people,their recreation and other social life style,etc.
    You will agree with me that the Builders of the United States of America,did a great job and are still doing it, in this regard.
    The cities aesthetics, surpass what is found in other cultures. I think they should continue to be proud of it and continue to do more.


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